The Bad, Eddie Abdalla, The Ugly, Stealing Money from Clients

Eddie is no angel. He pilfered money from clients at The Crew Source and when he left a mile high debt in its wake, with millions of dollars in debt and a bankruptcy, he started The Avent Techs Corporation. And, he’s driven that right into the ground, I am told. he changed the name to The Avent Techs LLC – LIKE THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

People are smart. I can’t imagine existing clients going with him in his new scam adventure. FOR POTENTIALLY NEW CLIENTS, perhaps give it another thought. I found some pretty damming evidence online about what a crook Eddie and his merry thieves are. Take a peek before booking an event with The Avent Techs.


Is The Avent Techs Legit or Circling the Drain?

As a former client of The Crew Source, I remember paying handsomely for a service I never received and later came to learn that The Crew Source, run by Eddie (Edward Abdalla) was nothing more than a fucking scam. If he screwed me, he screwed others.

This guy is a creep to the core. Under one company, he flagrantly stole funds from clients and amassed a huge fortune that he refused to pay, and therefore owes millions of dollars! His debts are enormous. He doesn’t care. I’ve spoken to him about recouping my money and he talks down to me and basically proclaims that I’m an idiot who doesn’t know anything.

Then he started The Avent Techs Corporation. When that when down in flames and he left a trail of debt behind, he turned The Avent Techs into an LLC. Is he going to do the same thing? I don’t know. Speaking for myself, there is no way that I will trust him again. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME.

BE CAREFUL, FOLKS. Eddie is running the show at The Avent Techs LLC. I can’t imagine he now has good intentions.

Clients BEWARE of The Avent Techs

I am a former client of The Crew Source. It’s very important to me that other potential clients understand that The Avent Techs is likely a SCAM OPERATION.

Eddie Abdalla was behind The Crew Source which he destroyed. He took money from clients, thousands of dollars from my company and never sent crew! He went into bankruptcy and has massive debt in the millions. His legal problems are severe. That being said, he started The Avent Techs Corporation. Apparently, he’s run that into the ground and renamed it The Avent Techs LLC. Like my company, I don’t want other companies to lose their hard earned money.

At our event, we had some pretty disgruntled techs under The Crew Source — They hadn’t been paid and expected us to pay. We already paid Eddie. It was very awkward and we weren’t going to pay twice.

Eddie started the Crew Source under false pretenses and then when that went under, he was in a slew of legal trouble, bankruptcy and owes millions of dollars in debt.

Good luck! RUN AS FAR AWAY FROM THE AVENT TECHS AND EDDIE AS POSSIBLE. I fear the worst. He’s defrauded so many companies under The Crew Source, I can’t imagine The Avent Techs, LLC would be any different. Can you?