Thanks to a Good Samaritan, I can tell my story

I have been in the corporate events industry for years. I love my job so much: multi-tasking multiple events, coordinating countless schedules and admiring the fruits of our collective labors; it was a dream come true!

Unfortunately, my dream became a nightmare. This almost cost me my job of 12-years. Armed with new information, I don’t want other account executives, corporate event planners, or anyone else to suffer what I did.

A while back a colleague referred me to The Crew Source for events we were holding. Instead of going with my proven providers, I decided to give them a try, and they gave me a 15% discount. I knew my boss would appreciate that a lot, especially because the event was 40K.

I connected with Eddie Abdalla. He was really nice and very professional. I thought for sure this guy was going to do a fantastic job. He was referred by someone I knew and he was a real charmer on the phone. Convinced I was in good hands, I gave him the job. Contracts were signed and a check was sent to The Crew Source.

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, I stood in a massive ballroom that was supposed to be transformed into an elaborate and elegant setting for an awards ceremony. One hour into waiting, I called Eddie. No answer. So, I called the company, NO ANSWER. I started to panic when a technician walked in and asked me my name. I gave it to him and asked if the rest of his crew was with him. TO MY FACE HE SAID, “No. Eddie wanted me to tell you that you need to pay another 25K if you want his crew to work your event.


That’s extortion and insanity, I yelled. I continued calling Eddie. Two hours in, I called the police. There was nothing they could do. The event never happened. People who traveled thousands of miles were sent home. My company looked foolish and unprofessional. I was reprimanded and told that one more mistake of this magnitude and nature, and I was going to lose my job.


TCS (The Crew Source was run by Eddie. He ran it into the ground and had massive legal problems and still owes millions of dollars. He started The Avent Techs corporation and ran that into the ground with a whole new set of unpaid bills and debts to companies. NOW, he’s changed to The Avent Techs LLC. He’s going to do the same thing he’s been doing!!! Who knows how many clients will shell out thousands only to lose money and have no event?! You just know those legal problems and money he owes will come back to haunt him because he keeps doing the same thing!