The Avent Techs is a Scam Operation by Eddie Abdalla: AV Techs Beware!

Here is a copy of the latest email I received about what has happened. The following message is not mine but from a fellow free lancer. I’ll omit too much personal info but contact me if you need more info. I do have phone numbers and emails of attorneys and people involved.

Hi fellow former TCS folks, As you probably know, TCS is bankrupt and apparently no one is going to honor our invoices (I am owed $1250.00). After a ring-a-round the emails game of tag today (text from Eddie saying to send invoices-did that saying he would not pay, and a subsequent text to Eddie which is so far unanswered-he said he would get back to me after talking to his lawyer), I am coming to the conclusion that it is likely we may never be paid. I believe the only recourse that we have, short of a lawsuit, is to potentially withhold our labor until this matter is resolved. (Eddie and others have taken jobs at The AVent techs. But this will stand a much better chance if we act together. Between the all of us, we may have 20-30 contacts and that may matter. I look forward to any thoughts you all may have.

TCS owner Eddie The AVent Techs

Eddie Abdalla Stole Money From Me!

eddie abdalla wont pay av technicians

Eddie owes us the money and the reason is he booked us when he was in bankruptcy and knew he wasn’t going to pay us. I had an agreement with Eddie and The Crew Source, now defunct, which is a bunch of bullshit.

Eddie claims someone else owes us the money. Lies, lies, lies. How can someone else say they owe me money when he does? Now he takes all the resources, the employees and claims some other company owes me money. Where’s the logic in that?! It’s like if company “A” closed and company “B” opened. Does company “B” owe company “A’s” employee’s money? OF COURSE THEY DON’T.

The same scumbags NOW running The Avent Techs, who are idiots, still hiring and using freelance AV Technicians and NOT PAYING THEM.

BEWARE OF Eddie Abdalla and The Avent Techs. Do not work for them. They owe me and a bunch of us money for jobs we worked and didn’t get paid for.


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edward abdalla steals money from technicians
I worked for Eddie when he was at The Crew Source, and then when he and MikeFUller started The Avent Techs. Liars. The comapnys are FAKE.
Eddie and The Avent Techs dont pay technicians. tons of guys are owed money. i mean, like a lot of money. jerks owe me at least 2,200. if my mother in law didn’t loan me the money, i wouldve been kicked out of my apartment.
they suck. dont work for them.


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About The Avent Techs

The AVent TechsThe AVent Techs claims to be an AV, audio visual industry provider for corporate events and trade-shows. However, this is not the case. The company is a FAKE venture formed by Mike Fuller and Edward Abdalla who formed the now defunct Crew Source, after stealing a bunch of money from technicians who worked for The Avent Techs. Eddie knew he didn’t have the money to pay them, but hired them anyway. Now they started The Avent Techs, another fake company. Do not work for them. Remember the names: Marcus Welch, Timothy Rodriquez and Eddie Abdalla. They’re all a bunch of liars who hire hardworking freelancers but don’t pay them.